Private labels


In collaboration with a Dutch Designer to create our product collection every season, every year, VonCasa is a luxury brand with a range of ceramics, metal ware, stone ware and Home Decor.

It takes inspiration from Danish design Culture, from the heart of Copenhagen bringing you the most exciting ideas to decorate your home with design, style, elegance, and taste.

Whether you are decorating your new home or re-working on your existing one, it is essential to have a Von Casa decor accessories at your house.

Unique designs are what sets your home apart and Von Casa only has unique and inspirational designs that wow you at every step of your home decoration process. VonCasa products are retailed at all Market99 stores.

This brand is definitely the perfect definition for affordable luxury.


Inspired by Italian design aesthetics, Donati is a fashion & accessories brand retailed at Market99.

Branded by Marcelo Donati, an Italian inspired name, and brand, Donati is motivated to give its customers products of style and true grace.

Only premium goods can define what Donati in India stands for. High fashion yet an affordable luxury brand, Donati, has been a key element in taking Italian designs in India to the next level.

It is hard to go wrong when you have a Donati badge attached to your personality. It uplifts the character of a person and gives you confidence in being what you are.

A Donati fashion collection can be found every season for its customer whether it be summers or winters, snowing in parts of India, or with the heatwave in other parts. All in all, Donati is a luxury hard to miss.